Apache OpenWhisk (Incubating) is a serverless, open source cloud platform that executes functions in response to events at any scale.

Get Started
Illustration: How Apache OpenWhisk Works
Get started with Apache OpenWhisk

Where to start.

With Apache OpenWhisk you can easily create actions, test, connect to other actions or debug them. Use the Apache OpenWhisk CLI , target your Apache OpenWhisk instance, and run your first action in seconds.

“Thanks to serverless computing we can go even further. The new world needs to be asynchronous and elastic by design, and OpenWhisk provides the features that we need.”

– Luis Enriquez, Head of Platform Engineering & Architecture at Santander Group

Focus only on your code.

As a developer there's no need to manage the servers that run your code. Apache OpenWhisk operates and scales your application for you. Spend your time innovating, not configuring infrastructure. Plus, you only pay for what your app uses and needs at that moment.

Fine-grained resource consumption

Apache OpenWhisk is cost-effective for developers

Pay only for the actual resources your actions use, down to the millisecond. When an action is not running, it’s not in memory, so you don’t pay for idle resources.

Use any language, any service

Apache OpenWhisk is integrates with many popular languages and apps

Work with what you know and love. Integrate popular services. Code in your favorite languages. All the pieces connect and are easy to extend.

Apache OpenWhisk benefits for package creators

Plug your service into Apache OpenWhisk.

Apache OpenWhisk makes it simple for thousands of developers to integrate with your service. Make it easy for developers to perform actions when something happens in your service, or to send data into your service when things happen somewhere else.

Become part of a thriving, open source ecosystem. Get your service in the hands of more developers, and make it easier than ever for other providers to integrate with your services.

Apache OpenWhisk benefits for open source contributors

Join a vibrant open source community.

Play a critical part in building game-changing cloud technology. Share your actions and triggers with the community, add your service to the Apache OpenWhisk ecosystem, or join the development effort to make Apache OpenWhisk even better.